The great hack..

As the war between Ukraine and Russia was heating up, I was concerned about how the war might affect me. In moments I realised, it was a futile worry as my life was safe, unlike many others who were in the warzone, in a land far away from me. I don’t know the reasons for this war yet, but I am sure like all wars waged in the past, there would be two stories from either side. I am just not ready to pick a side yet! Why should I? I am in no way affected by the bombings and killings.

As sanctions hit Russia, one of the most affected parties in the whole wide world was my son. His mother had finally found the setting to disable YouTube from the TV and given a reason that due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, YouTube had disappeared from the TV, a reason which visibly did not digest well in his young hungry mind.

I was lazing around on the couch, when the YouTube hack happened and for obvious reasons, I found myself on the interrogating table.

“Dadem, why are Ukraine and Russia fighting over YouTube” The first of the missiles landed on my lap.

I had no idea what to say, as at that moment, the reason of YouTube looked very plausible, even to the warring parties far away.

“Dadem!”. The follow-up was prompt.

With little time to think, I had to return fire “Well Ian, Ukraine and Russia were fighting for YouTube. Ukraine was watching YouTube all the time and Russia said it was now its turn. Ukraine refused and Russia got mad and started fighting”.

Every person without a soul, benefits from war and so did I.


“But why is it off for me?” Ian asked.

A very valid question. He was so far away from the two countries that he did not even know where they were located.

“Because they think that if they can’t watch, no one should watch”. I replied. I realised that this line might have some long-term consequences as I had shown both the warring nations as selfish. Possibly the political and ruling class were!

“That’s so bad. Sharing is Caring. Don’t they know that?”

I was proud of his teachers at school.

He continued, completely buying my haphazard reasons “Dadem, when will they stop?”.

“When they agree to sit together and amicably decide how much time they will each watch YouTube in a day”. I spoke- a solution to the pressing problem of screen time at home.

“I hope they sit together soon. I miss YouTube”.

After a while he decided “Once they stop fighting, I will watch less YouTube dadem. The rest of the time you can watch Netflix. Let me know when it stops” A staunch resolution by the little fellow!

I thought to myself “Wow, such a simple solution. It is better to make the children run countries to see if there could be everlasting peace for a few days

After a few days, he asked me again “Did they stop fighting?”

All I could muster was a sad “no”.

“I just hope they stop fighting soon Dadem”.

I nodded. The shallow crevices of my brain projected to the corner of my eye, the picture of millions of unknown faces, clutching their hearts in their hands, also hoping for the same- albeit for different reasons – My son for YouTube, them for their lives.  

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