Black lives matter

Neil Fernandes

It was the color of the night sky personified.
They pull your hair to make you bold
To rob all that we have done
To rob the glory
To rob power
To rob the courage of lives

Born for a will.
A will to succeed.
A will to relieve.
A will to bring peace.
All to get crumbled by the power of the predator.
The predator that wanted them killed.

You feel the pain of the dishonoring heartbreak.
Piercing through your one and only will.
Why did you do it?

The dove that brought the will.
The dove that brought the power.
The dove that brought your glory.
And this is my story.

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3 thoughts on “Black lives matter

  1. Well written Neil. Very thoughtful and soul stirring. I read the poem on the lamp as well… Very well imagined and articulated. God bless you Neil… Proud of you.

  2. Neil, there is so much of in-depth thought in this poem. I especially liked the second half of the first verse and the whole second verse. And then the third takes you to another level of feeling. It’s the will of every human being. Unfortunately the will is broken by every bully…white, black, brown, yellow…

    Keep it up Neil.

  3. Thoughtfully written over d lives of black. Every life is precious no matter what d colour is. Keep up your will to bring glory to your parents..

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