The Lamp

Neil Emmanuel Fernandes

My patron, my everlasting light,

You, which transpires a razor of the piercing star.

You, that battles the unknown shade,

Pre-eminent darkness of the strange shadow.

Overcoming the unknown umbra of the following darkness.


You are the glowing star of the night,

Guarding me upon the mischievous dusk.

Accompanying me within the evil power concerning,

 The significant eternal eclipse.


Glowing upon me like a star so bright.

The defeater of the twilight,

Leading me over the immortal light.

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12 thoughts on “The Lamp

  1. Great writing Neil. Deep and profound thoughts about a thing as mundane and extinct as a lamp.
    Welcome to Pinchhofsalt.

  2. Great job on your poem Neil. Love the descriptive use of words. May the light guide you always. Keep writing.

  3. Great Neil.. my little Neil is a poet.. may you shine like the light.
    Congratulation.. will be eagerly waiting to see many more..

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