Think twice

People coming home from work,

Going straight back into downtown.

Panic buying, lining up on the streets.

While people in Afgan are trying to get something to eat.

Children, women and souls,

Army men burying their lost companions in a hole.

Out on the battlefield bullet shells scattered,

For the unlucky one, the only remains being burnt off soles.

Children crying out like a lamb to be slaughtered,

As parents take their own lives as a sacrifice.

So people trying to make a joke out of this situation,

Please I beg you to think twice.

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5 thoughts on “Think twice

  1. Hi Anil,
    A huge point to think and ponder for sure! We are blessed and never have time or patience to think about the prevailing situation with the under privilaged. Its only ‘US’… everytime! Thanks for your inspring thoughts. God Bless

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