Self Dependent India आत्मनिर्भर भारत

This is an Award-winning poem, which won the first place in Poetry writing competition held by the Consulate General of India, Dubai.

Our India has been on many pages,
For we have been known for bravery for ages.
A proud day for us Indians,
Independence Day,
The day we went on our own freeway.
August 15 every year,
A time for us to cheer.
We became free from the British Rule,
A day for us to feel hearty-full!

We were proud on that day,
For now we are proud to say, “We are independent!”
We have our own missionaries,
Even made our own stationary.
We cultivate our own crops,
We even made our own laptops!
We are not dependent on any country for resources,
We provide everyone with our own experiences!
We will never go down,
For we will always stay strong!

On that day many lives were laid,
But for them; the respects are still being paid.
We could never forget their sacrifice,
We will honour this very day, even if many years have passed,
For our pride, glory and flag has last.
We will never forget this joyful day,
For every year on this occasion we will say,

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  1. Congratulations Pearl on winning the Poetry competition. We at Pinchhofsalt are proud of you and fortunate to be able to publish your award winning poem. Wish you only the best of luck for your future and hope you win many more prestigious awards.

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