Why didn’t we care ?

Fearless we started,

But from there it departed,

Light-hearted, we did not care

For all the pain ahead,

We did not realize the pain that led many to their death bed.

Spreading like the dreadful wildfire.

Shredding lives within a flare,

Why didn’t we care?

For what was the rare outbreak.

But now is the rage of lives I swear.

Trying to tear the pandemic,

Our lives are with the chemic

So, let’s all unite

To win the fight.

Neil Emmanuel Fernandes

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6 thoughts on “Why didn’t we care ?

  1. Neil,
    Well begun is half done.
    So, you are interested in writing poetry.
    Very good… keep it up.
    Really great. All the best to you.
    I suppose many more to come.
    All the best.
    Keep it up.

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